The Norwegian Adventure | Le Cafe Francais


I am 2 weeks into my Norwegian Adventure and if you follow me on Twitter or have read any of my previous entries, you would know that I could very well re-dub this trip the Norwegian Café Adventure. I have experienced all types of cafes, bakeries, restaurants and the like- all of which have been amazing!

I was asked recently “What is Norwegian cuisine like?” and truthfully, I haven’t been able to decipher what true Norwegian food is. I know Stavanger’s LOVE pizza- the pizza aisle at the grocery store isn’t just 1 aisle, it’s 2; and Stavanger’s also have quite an affinity for Mexican food, which I found slightly odd, seeing as Mexico is so far from here- and it’s not really true Mexican, it’s more Old El Paso and such; but I’m okay with that, I didn’t come here for poor American renditions of Mexican food, I can get that at home.


One of my favorite café’s so far, is the Café Francais- I’ve been there twice already; and I plan on going back again before I leave. And it’s not just a French café run by a Norwegian, it’s a French café run by a French expat, who desired to have a taste of his homeland in his new homeland.


On the outside, this place is very Norwegian- meaning I can’t understand any signs or what any passerby is saying; but as soon as I walk in I feel like I'm in France. The wait staff speak French, French news plays on the television and the assortment of baked goods are as French as one could hope for in Norway.


Pain au chocolate with the flakiest crust and fluffiest center; crème brulee with a perfectly torched crust and smoothest crème filling; the BEST café latte I have had since I’ve arrived- and I’ve had many! And the most interesting take on a chicken club sandwich- no bacon, just the most flavorful marinated chicken, tomato, lettuce and cucumber on the most authentic French baguette; in short heaven for my taste buds on all fronts!


The Café Francais is somewhere you go and laze for hours; starting first with a café latte and pain au chocolate, then with a chicken club and sparkling water and finishing with crème brulee and another café latte- to give you the much needed sugar rush and caffeine buzz to energize you for the- sure to follow- traipse through the cobblestone streets that surround this place.

If you ever have the chance to visit Stavanger- among all the other amazing things you must do- visit the Café Francais; I stake my reputation on it, you will not regret it!


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  1. Yum! Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day

  2. My mouth is watering!!! So yummy! I love that feeling of excitement right before a fabulous trip! xo


  3. Super yummand great pics. Love your blog now a follower. Keep in touch!


  4. Everything looks amazing and delicious! I am so hungry now :)

  5. Yes, ladies, this place is fab! I went again today;)


  6. I love these photos! The sandwich looks so good! And Norway and France...stellar combination!