Ear Candy | Fridays are for Music


Music makes me happy; music is a universal language; music is life. However you say it, music is rad! I depend on music to get me through the day; and I came upon this mix a few weeks ago and I cannot stop raving about it. Since it’s Friday I thought I would share and give you some tunes for your weekend.

Oh and this mix is a goooody; it comes from the c90s; and this whole thing- from start to finish- is pure dance genius. There’s disco, funk and a little bit of minimal in the between; I repeat- for it is so necessary- it’s GOOD!

c90s September chart mix (click for download link)

One listen and you will be saying “thank you Bianca”- you’re welcome!

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  1. never hesitate to share your music suggestions! I feel exactly the same way and sometimes i just find the bestttt playlist (HYPEM.com) thanks for sharing this one I am off to go steal it all!

    xoxo BB

  2. I promise you will LOVE it!!