Weekend Color: O.P.I Nail Color in “Jewel of India”


Nail polish is my new favorite thing! Since painting my nails last week- after having not painted them in years- I am completely in love with colored nails. Where I once used to pass the nail care and polish aisle, I now stop and linger, imagining what colors would go with what outfits- the possibilities are absolutely endless.

This week’s color comes from O.P.I once again; why? Because O.P.I has an amazing color selection AND it applies/dries really quickly and evenly; which is key for last minute applications before walking out the door. I wanted to go with a bolder color this week, because last week’s nail paint was matte and didn’t pop quite as much, suede-like if you will. Last week’s color mantra was “mute”, this week’s mantra is “drama”!

At my thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday, so many people complimented my nails; even making mention to the fact that they hadn’t seen my nails painted in…ever. It really has been that long. I’ve enjoying painted nails so much, that last week I broke the rules slightly and kept the polish on all week- a major kitchen NO NO. But in life, some rules are made to be broken or- at the very least- slightly bent;)


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  1. oh yes nailpolish. I have an extensive collection, its a cheaper way to update your look. Thats a nice red btw!

  2. such a pretty color for fall :-) thanks for sharing!

    xoxo BB