The Norwegian Adventure | Cuteness Overload


So I have settled nicely into life in Norway; I am lunching with my cousin and her mom friends at cute little Norwegian cafes, doing my best to communicate in Norwegian (failing), changing dirty diapers and taking tons of pictures of cute kids. WARNING: I will not be held responsible for the reactions to the cuteness overload that follows.

These are my cousins 2 boys; Haydn is the 2 year old- and yes, he is behaving as all 2 year old's do; like a split personality psycho, happy one minute and screaming the other. Good thing he is cute, is all I have to say to that.

Hendrix is 3 weeks old; and, truthfully, he doesn’t do much, not even cry, he just sleeps and eats- which explains why there is only one picture of him at the moment. I find myself reaching for my camera whenever Haydn does something cute, but Hendrix does the same thing all day so he’s getting less film, but I’m going to work on that.


This past weekend, my cousin and I went to Clas Ohlson and she decided she wanted to pick up a razor and trim Haydn’s little curls; the lesson here folks is that a $15.00 haircut is worth more than a completely avoidable hair mishap.

I was on the computer when she was started cutting his hair; and all I heard was “BIANCA, COME QUICK!” I thought she cut his ear off or something completely horrific that would warrant such a glass shattering scream. NOPE, she just cut his hair down to the scalp.

Lesson two: Use the guard.


I could NOT stop laughing the moment I saw him; he looked so cute with one huge strip cut out of his hair. And he- bless him- was none the wiser, as long as he had his Chupa Chups sucker in his mouth, nothing could bring him down! My cousin and I stood there for 10 minutes in shock- she didn’t know what to do- but, I mean, the only thing left to do was cut the rest and hope the kid likes wearing toques- it’s chilly here in Norway; I would know, I have short hair and my noggin gets a little chilly on our adventures out and about.

So now little Haydn is a cue ball; but as I had to repeat- over and over- to my bewildered cousin, it’s just hair, it will grow back.


And through the whole ordeal- earth shattering screams (her) and guttural laughs (me)- baby Hendrix did as babies of 3 weeks do- he slept.

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  1. How adorable! You are so lucky to be with your family to be able to document their childhood and get to know them at such an innocent time. <3 I cant wait to see more of these cuties!

  2. Thanks Suze, I feel really lucky to be here!

    xoxo, miss you lots

  3. I love the picture with his head shaved down the middle, I might have giggled, it's too cute!