The Merits of Soup


I love soup; it is no secret that soup is one of my favorite dishes to make. Soup to me, is so many things, comforting and filling, complex yet so simple. When I indulge in the pleasure that is soup I find it conjures up a feeling of coziness- soup is familiar. The idea of so many ingredients, playing so nicely together is the true spirit of soup; soup shared between friends on a cold day is the definition of hospitality. The art of making soup is like building a house, when built- made- on a strong foundation of quality ingredients, the result is something magical.

The merits of soup are not only rooted in an emotional response, soup is also one of the cheapest ways to eat; in soup, the “bad” cuts of meat are given the forum to shine, and “back of the fridge” finds read: leftovers, are given the opportunity to shine once again. Soup is equal opportunity.


Fall has fully descended on Edmonton, the Indian summer has long passed, the trees are bare and it’s cold. Old man winter is circling the block and soup has become more fitting than ever. I- getting into the full fall spirit- made a soup last week that still has people talking; I was calling it southwest soup- because of the black beans, corn and cumin- but my friend Sarah called it Sante Fe soup and I like that much better. It is the simplest soup to prepare; all it requires of you is assembly and BOOM hearty home cooking in minutes!

We enjoyed this after our- very frigid- pumpkin carving adventure- and it was perfect.

The recipe is posted on my food blog and isn’t titled Southwest Soup or Sante Fe soup, it’s actually titled Hearty Chicken, Vegetable and Bean soup- what can I say, I like variety! Check it, prepare it and be warm and fuzzy on the inside- in that exact order!

Hearty Chicken, Vegetable and Bean Soup


My Friday gift to you is soup! Happy Friday everyone!

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