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I am an admitted caffeine addict; I love it in all deliveries, but I enjoy it best, hot on a cool morning. My day is known to hit the skids by 3 pm if I haven’t had my morning caffeine jolt.

Last winter, as a challenge to myself, I gave up caffeine for a month and a half; the first 2 weeks were hell, I had a splitting headache throughout and I was beastly in demeanor, to say the least. After the shakes passed first, things were going well; and then Costco happened. While I was on one of my regular Costco trips, they were sampling- as they often do- free gourmet coffee; I didn’t see any harm in having a small tester, but as that hot noire nectar billowed down my throat, I was in trouble. To make matters worse, McDonalds- that very same day- starting offering free coffee for a whole month. Now, I’m a lot of things, but foolish is not one of them; and it would have been foolish to pass up a deal like that. As an aside, their coffee is quite good- but that’s an aside.

In any case, I was back on the hooch after the free month, and seemingly more coffee hungry, it didn’t help that I had become obsessed with Viet Iced Coffees.

After spending my summer wound up by all the caffeine I consumed, I decided to swap (some of) the coffee I drink with green tea, the antioxidants alone made this a wise choice.

Rather recently I found a cool photo blog and the only subject is coffee, and it is right up my alley! Coffee porn if you will!

Because I believe in moderation, I have a link for the best Viet iced coffee; and for the days when coffee is a no no- a link to some lovely coffee pictures!

Coffee Notes
Viet Iced Coffee- via my food blog

Bottoms up!


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