The last of Summer- Biking

I never want to be one of those people who constantly complains about the weather; it’s so typical. So for the last time I will say, THIS SUCKS; it’s September 22 and it might as well be December 20; it’s cold, wet and rainy, but that’s just another day in Edmonton. But this year instead of bitching and moaning my way through fall and winter, I am going to completely submit to; but before I do, there is one last thing I want to look back and remember.
Summer around these parts means we roll on 2 wheels whenever possible; there is nothing better than a slurpee spiked with blush wine and cruising around the neighb, feeling the wind in my hair! I took her all over, downtown and back, through the river valley and to the corner store…oh yeah, we got around;)
I found her- my bike- on Kijiji for $60 and she is a true gem; she even came with the matching basket. I, even, left her outside from August 2009 until May 2010 and she was a) not stolen- to my very great surprise and b) in perfect condition, all she needed was some CLR and she was back in business! One of the things I will miss most about Summer is the ability to do so many activities outside, like biking; because in the winter the most outside activity I get is, the walk from the door to my car and vice versa.
Summer I will miss you; see you next year!
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  1. Wow, you got such a great deal on your bike.... and it is a gem!

  2. Such a gem, this is the part of summer I will miss most.