Saturday Sounds

It would seem that the cold I had last week, decided to lay dormant all week- surfacing only for brief coughing spells- and then as the weekend, my favorite time of the week, comes again, the damn cold, comes again.

On any weekend I could weather this sickness storm, even though I am completely fed up with sickness- I cannot believe I used to fake this in elementary school- but this weekend is particularily busy- unlike last weekend where I could hermit away and "get better"; we are djing a funk jam this evening, and whenever one hand touches dj equipment, the other hand must have a drink in it. So seeing as I know full well that tomorrow is going to be a doozy- as I plan to be hung over AND even sicker than today- I thought it best to give you the musical goods now. Look at me all adult and planning ahead;)

This weekends mix comes from Grum, and contrary to the other mixes I have posted, this mix is for getting ready. It has a night feel, sort of like Grand Theft Auto- minus the prostitutes and auto theft; there is even a Hall and Oates cameo- and I LOVE me some Hall and Oates. I'm about to get ready for my evening and Grum is already playing!

Grum- 1 Hour Mix

Happy Saturday!!

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