To the naked eye this looks like a simple roast beef and potato dinner, served on lovely china; but it is much more than that. It’s 2 friends- best friends- reconnecting, after letting something as foolish and inconsequential as food come between them. It’s shared laughter after months of silence; and that feeling of knowing- deep down inside- that this friendship is real; and strong- able to withstand hurtful exchanges and bruised egos; transcending the trivial and rooting itself in love- in its truest form; loving someone having seen their ugly side.

It’s as if we haven’t skipped a beat, like we’re back to last summer, when things were easy; and there was no business and no pressure, just 2 friends with an undeniable bond.

I wrote in a card “ friends first, friends forever” and- truthfully- at the time, I wasn’t sure if that was true, if that was a commitment I wanted to make, a feeling based solely on anger; but time mends all and after a summer of silence and a much needed cooling off period, we’re back!

Chris, I couldn’t be happier!


  1. I have been through harsh feelings with good friends before too. If you make it through that, it brings you closer in the end!

  2. Now this is a blog I like. Thanks Bianca. It is good to be back. Blah blah

  3. There are some friends you can forgive, and forget. As in Forget them for good!