The Doors

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This weekend I was held hostage by sickness; Saturday was spent feeling like garbage, and this said garbage feeling prompted my decision to stay put on Saturday night; causing me to miss a goodtime- I could hear it, as my roommates hosted the after party.

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I was determined to use my Sunday for good, so I woke up, popped some DayQuil and set out to take some outfit shots and brunch with my family.

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I love cool doors; a statement door sends a message, like I’m in for a treat; kind of like a statement top. This top is good all on its own, without a stitch of competition, which is why I opted for black on the bottom. This door, however, is a door to a school; so for a lot of people the treat dies as soon as they cross the threshold. But I’m done school, so I can see the beauty in this door!

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My luck with outfit photos is really good, because once again I had balmy conditions for my shoot- done in the morning- but by 3 pm, it was pissing rain. It’s true, the early bird really DOES get the worm!

Shirt- Roommates closet
Shorts- Value Village jeans come cut offs
Boots- Value Village
Black tights- The Bay

Jacket- the Gap
Bracelets/ Hat- Value Village…noticing a trend?!

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  1. I love yourOutfit !

  2. Thanks! I got the shirt in a clothing swap with my girlfriends!