Color Me Bad


I was ready to declare that summer was over; but the holiday Monday came out of nowhere, it was hot- which is saying a whole lot considering for the past week the fall chill has been taking over. When I saw sunlight and clear skies, I showered, dug out my colorful purse, grabbed my camera and headed out the door; even though I was only going out to take pictures and run some errands, the fact that I could drive with my windows rolled down was good enough for me!


And then I got the call that there was a patio meet up going down; I sped there! Hanging out on a patio, sipping on a Caesar, enjoying what is surely to be that last days of the summer sun- in Edmonton anyways- is what I call perfection.


To get this shot, I went to one of Edmonton’s many green spaces; but truth be told, I felt kind of goofy taking pictures by myself, of myself; and the trails were sooo busy with outdoorsy Edmontonians walking and bike riding, I even heard a young boy child ask his mom why I was taking pictures alone- needless to say, I wrapped it up shortly thereafter.


It was a good thing I capitalized on the balmy afternoon weather, while I had the chance; because by 5:00 pm, the clouds rolled in and just like that, it was gone.


Sweater and shirt- roommate’s closet
Watch/ bracelet- Goodwill
Ring- mom’s closet
Scarf- The Bay
Sunglasses- party find...finders keepers!

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