House Wears

I struggled trying to get my first outfit post; in fact, I posted my first attempt but then quickly realized that it was horrible; my clothes were wrinkled, my camera had smudges and I was super unfamiliar with the whole tripod/timer thing. So I deleted it.


So for the second act of my first outfit post, I took my time, put on my newest purchase and got comfortable. Meaning, I took thousands of shots- not really, but it was around 50 or something. After this attempt, I’m starting to feel like I’m grasping this outfit post thing!


This dress is super comfortable, I wore it whilst lazing around the house working; and if you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I ALWAYS have my hair covered- this time was no different, this blue hat is my favorite- my hair and I are going through a rough patch, my hair does one thing and I want another- this hat has helped bridge the gap.


First outfit post- done!

Dress- Value Village
Hat- H&M
Earring and Bracelets- Value Village

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